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Pillars Brewery

Unit 2 Ravenswood Industrial Estate

Twitter/X: @PillarsBrewery

Facebook: @Pillars Brewery

Instagram: @pillarsbrewery

What we do

Pillars is London’s lager specialists. We are a group of brewing professionals dedicated to brewing the best-quality lager in the UK, in the most sustainable way.

Our green credentials

Current environmental efforts

  • Local sourcing: 98% of our raw ingredients are sourced from within 100 miles of our brewery, significantly reducing transportation emissions

  • Reusable packaging: we utilise reusable kegs, projected to save 30 tonnes of plastic this year

  • Local production: by producing Bavarian-quality lager right in the capital, we eliminate the need to import beer from Bavaria. This significantly cuts the carbon footprint associated with transportation. To illustrate, each keg imported from Bavaria adds approximately 9kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. Dominance of Bavarian lagers in the UK market could lead to CO2 emissions equivalent to the annual absorption capacity of 40-50 million trees, amounting to over 1 million tonnes of CO2

Our future commitment

We are on a journey to become carbon neutral. Our sustainability initiatives for the near future include:

  • Bottle reuse: exploring the washing and reuse of bottles to further reduce waste. Our partners have reduced their carbon footprint of their glass by 95%

  • Carbon capture: implementing carbon-capture technologies to minimise our carbon footprint

  • Water conservation: introducing measures to reduce water usage in our brewing processes

  • Renewable energy: installing solar panels to harness renewable energy for our operations

Signature Brew

Unit 15, Uplands Business Park

Blackhorse Lane


London E17 5QJ

020 7684 4664

Twitter/X: @SignatureBrew

Facebook: Signature Brew

Instagram: @signaturebrew

What we do

We’re Signature Brew and we’re reinventing what it means to be a brewery. We are on a mission to unite people through the power of fresh beer, great music and unforgettable experiences.

Our green credentials

How we limit the environmental impact of our distribution operation:

  • Our fleet is routed with the help of automated software to ensure the most efficient, lowest emission routes are taken to get beer to our customers in London

  • Our vans are loaded close to the weight limit to ensure that every journey counts and we are delivering as much beer as possible per run to help reduce the need for multiple unnecessary trips and journeys

  • Our forklift truck is electric which is the most sustainable option and means that we don't purchase propane gas cylinders


  • Waste water from our reverse osmosis machine is captured and used for cleaning the brewery so water isn't unnecessarily wasted

  • We use malt silos to receive our malt in bulk removing the use of 25kg bags which aren’t recyclable

  • All our spent grain is collected by a local farmer who uses it to feed his horses!


  • 90% of our volume produced goes into one the most sustainable packaging type possible which is reusable kegs which we deliver and collect and then clean and refill

  • We have moved over to paper tape, making the entire carton (including the aluminium cans) 100% recyclable

  • We’ve shifted to a simplified KRAFT (brown) board which has massively reduced the materials and the level of production required for all of our cartons


  • Our energy is supplied by Pozitive Energy who supply energy from 100% renewable sources

  • We are in the process of purchasing a CO2 recovery system which will dramatically reduce our carbon footprint

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