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2000 Sunflowers

POWER STATION is Walthamstow's beating heart of community retrofit, art and energy. Building a street-by-street, school-by-school, neighbour-to-neighbour approach to solar power and energy retrofit. After installing solar across their street, they are celebrating this momentous occasion on Saturday the 15th of July with a Sun Dance. 1000's of sunflowers have been grown in pots and they need somewhere to go and live out the rest of their bright and beautiful lives. We have offered the as-yet untamed space of our community garden as a home for them. So, on Sunday, 16th July, up to 2000 sunflowers will find their way, some how, from Lynmouth Road near St James Park to Mission Grove Road to be planted on the site of our new community garden to come. This will take a small miracle or a community that will come together to make things change. Be part of that community and join us for a day of digging, planting, watering and some serious sunflower fun. Bring shovels, your cargo bike, forks, watering cans, your family and friends and your 100% renewable energy.

Who are we? Transition Walthamstow is a local group aiming to build a strong community that allows us all to transition to a low-carbon lifestyle. Yes, Waltham Forest Council have granted Transition Walthamstow the permission to develop a garden on the site in Mission Grove. If you are interested in helping to develop this project, please write to, and please explore our blog here to find out a bit more about us! We also meet on the second Monday of the month at Ye Olde Rose & Crown, from 7pm.

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