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  • Rebecca Armstrong

2012 meeting dates, draughtbusting workshop, new blog page

The next meeting is at Mon 16th Jan (see agenda here), and there’s a second one this month on Fri 27th Jan; both start at 7pm and are at the Hornbeam Centre. From February onwards we’ll meet on the 2nd Monday and 4th Friday.

Outputs from our last meeting on 16th Dec where we started to develop two of our projects (awareness raising & draughtbusting) are on the website here.

We are planning a draught busting workshop (to learn how to draughtproof Walthamtow’s homes) and are seeking a house to be draughtproofed. If you know of a draughty property which needs some work around the windows and doors, would benefit from the installation of reflective panels between radiator & wall (and ideally has a loft) get in touch.

Tom Bloor has inaugrated our new blog page with a thoughtful piece on the role music can play in strengthening our local community.

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