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Once You Know – a film screening and discussion

Transition Walthamstow is hosting a special showing of climate change documentary Once You Know and post-film discussion at Gnome House on 22 July.

“Once you know, you can never be the same” Richard Heinberg

As our first community event since reigniting the group, Transition Walthamstow is set to host a special screening of Once You Know, with a post-show discussion to address the questions raised by this award-winning film.

Once You Know is a compelling documentary, written and directed by Emmanuel Cappellin; it takes an honest look at the effects of a changing climate on our shared world. Cappellin charts his personal journey towards understanding as he both learns and emotionally grapples with the reality of our shifted and shifting climate.

He presents the facts in a clear and easily accessible way, while acknowledging the emotional weight of our new reality.

His quest takes him around the planet to meet world-leading climate scientists, energy experts and movements of resistance. He visits already affected front-line communities to learn about the mindset required to confront our new reality. While the film is an unflinching portrayal of the facts, it also offers a pathway forward that calls to the best of humanity: our courage, community and creativity.

Talking about his inspiration for the film, Cappellin says: “After working all my life on climate issues and seeing different communication strategies fail, one after the other, I deeply felt the need to redefine the subject of climate change by bringing it home, by making it physical and intimate. I wanted to make a film that breaks away from the duality of business-as-usual voices on one side and climate activists’ voices on the other.”

Come along to watch the film followed by a discussion supported by members of Transition Walthamstow. All audience members will be invited to share their thoughts and experiences. Everyone can say what they feel. But there will be no pressure to speak if you don’t want to.

There will also be an opportunity to learn more about Transition Walthamstow, why now is the right time to reignite the group and what the group hopes to achieve. You can ask any questions you might have, share your ideas on how to create resilient local communities and find out how you can get involved.

This special event takes place at Gnome House on 22 July 2022. Doors open at 6.45pm, with the show starting at 7pm. The event will end at 10pm. Tickets are on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ sliding scale: £4 (low waged), £6 (your needs are being met) and £8 (able to pay it forward). Tickets are available now, and you can book in advance via EventBrite, or pay on the door (cash only).

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