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Organiclea’s Introduction to Permaculture weekend course: Sat 20 & Sat 27 September

Interested in learning more about permaculture design? Saturday 20 September and Saturday 27 September, 10-5.30

Organiclea’s work – from the soil upwards; the plants, people, working ways, and essential infrastruture, have been informed by permaculture design learning. This has meant bringing nature’s patterns and cycles into the food-garden, joining dots in our outreach and enterprise work, and understanding the strength of community connections in the webs that we are a part of….

Organiclea is running a *two day ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ course* offering an overview of permaculture principles, design methods and processes, and an opportunity to see examples of permaculture design implemented in the garden and beyond. It will be at Organiclea’s Hawkwood Nursery site in Northeast London.

This is a two day course: Saturday 20 September and Saturday 27 September, 10-5.30

The course will be taught by a group of Organiclea practitioners, a team that includes growers, enterprise and community development workers. It will include plenty of space for practical, participatory and thought provoking contribution from all!

Cost £120/£80/£40. See our course fee guide.

Contact with any questions about the course. Once registered you receive a course information sheet with learning and logistical details.

For a little extra insight into how permaculture informs us along the garden path, see one of our grower’s blogs from March 2011, ‘By Nature’: “Perhaps the defining principle of organic gardening is “work with nature, not against it”. The extreme opposite of this might be seen to be agro-industry’s genetic modification and vast monocultures: gimungous resources – human, environmental , economic – poured into fighting against the nature of things, with inevitably toxic results all round. At the other end of the spectrum: wildlife gardening, foraging, and forest gardens, demonstrate that letting things be, with a few timely interventions, can generate riches beyond the dreams of the maximisers…. ” read full post at:

 … Hoping to see you also somewhere along the garden path!

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