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  • Rebecca Armstrong

Resilient Food Systems: 13/14 Sep at Hawkwood, Chingford

The Transition Network is running a 2 day training course for growers and other food producers on low carbon resilient systems just up the road at Organiclea’s Hawkwood site.

Food production is facing the “perfect storm” over the next 50 years, needing to adapt to climate change, produce more food for more people, and use less fossil fuels, whilst preserving biodiversity. While there are enormous threats, there are also massive opportunities. Many are already making the transition to a low carbon, low energy, and high profit food system. There are many, diverse working models of how to grow, distribute, process, and sell food in new ways that will ensure safe thriving enterprises now and into the future. In order to make the Transition to a resilient food system, it’s important to act now. Start to make your farm, or food business meet the challenges and ensure you are poised to take advantage of the opportunities as they arise, without falling victim to the many challenges that lie ahead.

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