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  • Rebecca Armstrong

Supporting the Transition Free Press

Transition Walthamstow & Transition Leytonstone have agreed to sell the Transition Free Press quarterly newspaper starting early in 2013.

How you can help launch the Transition Free Press

Our distribution network of 30+ Transition initiatives is in place and growing. Now, in a 90-day campaign on Buzzbnk, we hope to raise the funds to send out the good news throughout the UK. You can buy an annual subscription for £15 or for giving a higher contributions there is additional free good karma, sustainable T-shirts, Transition books and more!

Can you help us all become the media by joining our distribution network, buying a subscription or giving a donation? Could you spread the word, through blogs or social media or word of mouth? We will be very happy to receive any help you can give us. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for coming on board. Welcome all!

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