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Trainee roles at Organiclea, April-December 2013

Organiclea is seeking 7 people for 7 exciting trainee roles for the 2013 growing season. Each role will take on a specific area of responsibility and develop specific skills and experience in community food growing, community outreach work, local food distribution and horticulture training. These roles are aimed at people who want to develop skills to make a livelihood from community food work. The roles are voluntary and will run for 9 months from April to December 2013.

These roles are based on a successful informal apprenticeship programme run by Organiclea in 2011 and 2012. Trainees are the new apprentices. Of 8 the apprentices taken on in 2012, 5 have found work in community food growing.

The roles:

  1. Production Trainee:  develop skills in all aspects of vegetable production. 1.5 days/week, based at Hawkwood.

  2. Vineyard Trainee: develop skills in organic viticulture and wine and juice production. 1 day/week, based at Hawkwood.

  3. Fruit Trainee: develop the skills required to manage the orchard, trained fruit trees and soft fruit bushes. 1 day/week, based at Hawkwood.

  4. Grow to Sell – Box Scheme Trainee: gain experience in all you need to know to run a local veg box scheme. 1.5 days/week, based at Hawkwood.

  5. Grow to Sell – Marketing Trainee: develop skills in harvesting for a commercial market and selling produce to restaurants and individuals.

  6. Community and Outreach Gardens Trainee: develop skills to support people from diverse communities to grow food. 1.5 days/week.

  7. Adult Learning Trainee: developing skills as an adult learning tutor. 1.5 days/week at Hawkwood and other teaching sites across East London.

For more information including full role descriptions, follow this link:

Closing date for applications: Monday 18th February, 10am.

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