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  • Rebecca Armstrong

Transition Free Press #1 has just arrived

Transition Walthamstow & Transition Leytonstone are taking part in an exciting new national media experiment – the creation of a new quarterly newspaper about environmental and economic issues.  The first issue has just been delivered to Walthamstow, and costs just £1 for 24 pages packed with thought provoking and inspirational articles; it will be available at Transition Walthamstow events, and from the Hornbeam Cafe.

Transition Free Press issue #1

Transition Free Press issue #1

It’s called Transition Free Press and, according to Paul Gasson of Transition Walthamstow, “it’s an attempt to tell the national and international stories of the day through a different lens, one which doesn’t reflect the priorities of corporations or rich individuals, and which aims to report solutions just as much as problems.”

The Transition Towns movement was founded in the UK in 2006 as a response to climate change and the end of cheap energy. It’s a grassroots movement with over a thousand affiliated groups all over the world.

Since its inception 15 months ago, Transition Walthamstow has run 3 draughtbusting workshops, created a local sourcing and repairs directory, and coordinated a hugely successful Apple Day attracting 1,200 visitors; its newest project is the establishment of a wholefood buying coop.

The news editor of Transition Free Press, Alexis Rowell, said: “The Transition movement is about moving on from fossil fuels to a cleaner, less dangerous future. It’s also about creating resilient communities that can work together to withstand external shocks like floods or unemployment or high fuel prices. Transition is about living with nature rather than in opposition to it.”

Introducing the paper, editor Charlotte Du Cann writes: “”In this issue we look at the key story of our times – the shift from an individualistic, grow-at-all-costs culture to one that values sharing and community. For many of us this means learning to work together – engaging in social projects, creating community gardens, regenerating our neighbourhoods. It requires a keen awareness of the bigger picture as well as a capacity  be resourceful in times of economic and environmental challenge.”

Fran Reeves of Transition Walthamstow, added: “It’s about harnessing the power of human brains for the good of all not for the few. It’s about sustainable solutions to problems like climate change, rising energy prices and the fragility of the financial system. Transition is about us creating our own vision of the future, one that will allow our children to live safe, healthy, happy lives.”

Transition Walthamstow are one of more than 40 Transition initiatives around Britain which will be distributing the first issue of Transition Free Press. The 24-page quarterly newspaper will contain a mix of news, reviews, features and cartoons, and will have pages dedicated to energy, land, people, economy, food, well-being, arts and education.

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