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Waltham Forest Food Rescue: opportunities for volunteers & pop-up food stalls

Best Before Campaigner

Are you passionate about reducing food waste?

Spread the word to the public and local food retailers that it is not illegal to sell food that is passed its best before date. You can help support shops to sell food passed its Best Before date at a reduced cost which will reduce harm to our environment and help people save money.

Waltham Forest Food Rescue – Re-distributor

Would you like to help stop edible food being thrown away?

Shops can legally sell food past it’s Best Before date, but if they are worried about trying this shops can donate the food instead and you can help us make sure the food gets to a good home. Redistribution will make sure that the food and all the resources it took to make it do not go to waste. Plus, it will prove that it is perfectly good and edible.

Waltham Forest Food Rescue – ‘Pay-What-You-Feel’ Stall Assistant

Would you like to help people get low-cost food and reduce climate change at the same time?

You can join the Waltham Forest Food Rescuers team to help run ‘pay-what-you-feel’ stalls where people can get food for free or a donation of their choice. The stalls are a great place to talk to members of the public about how we can all help reduce the amount of edible food being wasted and inform people that by simply eating food that is past the best before date (but still safe to eat) they are acting to reduce food waste. Reducing food waste can help your local community and the wider environment.

Waltham Forest Food Rescue – Peoples Kitchen assistant

Enjoying cooking and sharing food with people?

You can help cook a ‘pay-what-you-feel’ meal from food that was going to be wasted. The People’s Kitchen aims to bring people who live and work locally together to share a cheap lunch in a friendly environment. It is currently on the first Monday of the month but there is potential for many more in Waltham Forest if there are enthusiastic volunteers.


Contact Poppy Flint on

Poppy Flint

Edible Education Coordinator

Best Before, Still Good After

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